The Forum is a developer, acquirer and operator of an Online Social Community Network covering a variety of niche topics.  Our network of social communities allows users to share knowledge, experiences and expertise with others who have similar interests. We take great pride in providing safe, secure and professional original content through a host of distribution, which include; web sites, mobile and smart phones, tablets, television devices and other means in order for our visitors to share in this unique social experience.

Hobby and Scale Model Communities

Technology and Application Developer Resources

Our journey began with the acquisition of Linux Forums and grew quickly from there. Online innovation is an unending endeavour and the ever-changing nature of this segment often becomes a challenge for application developers as they try to keep up.  Our network of resources allows everyone to stay on the bleeding edge of the latest software development trends and keep their skills relevant.

Mobile Communities

Mobile manufacturers are fitting more and more functionalities into smartphones in the race to become the ultimate portable gadget.  As the competition between device manufacturers and operating systems heats up, it’s only natural for users of the various devices to speak up and discuss their love for their chosen gadget. The Forum provides an atmosphere of passionate and intelligent discussion of these topics as users learn to customize and personalize their devices to suit their needs.

Video Game Enthusiasts

The video game industry is one of the largest demographics in the entertainment industry.  The passion held by the fans of the highly competitive platforms provides an opportunity for animated discussions.